Motorhome self-construction material


Buy camper vans for Sprinter or panel vans

The expansion of your panel van, sprinter etc. to a motorhome usually begins with the expansion of the interior. In order for your self-construction to succeed, you should start with adequate insulation and insulation in the vehicle interior. You can conveniently buy material for the insulation of the motorhome and the appropriate adhesive online. All of these materials are particularly stretchy so that they can be optimally molded onto the body contours.
If you want to build furniture for your motorhome yourself, you can choose between various furniture panels, for example made of poplar plywood or coated wooden panels. The poplar plywood backing material is particularly light and torsion-resistant thanks to 7-fold gluing. The furniture boards have a high impact and scratch resistance. They owe this to the double-sided coating with high-quality laminate in HPL or CPL quality (laminate). The cozy wood look can also be created with self-adhesive furniture film.