T5 sleeping bench, T6 sleeping bench and other campers

Here you can buy sleeping benches and sleeping benches for VW T5, T6 and other campers . In addition to sleeping benches for other campers, we sell and assemble a particularly large selection of T5 and T6 sleeping benches in Moss Vale. The benches are suitable for comfortable sitting and sleeping. They can be mounted on rails specially developed by REIMO or rigidly in the vehicle by us. This also applies to many other vehicle types , such as VW T4, Mercedes Vito, Renault Trafic or Ford Transit Custom.



Sliding sofa bed with lying function - all in one

The REIMO sleeping bench with a lying function can be moved and removed . It can be attached to the floor on the specially developed rails. There, the sleeping bench can be used flexibly, moved comfortably with ball bearings or removed completely. The VW T5 sleeping bench, as well as the sleeping benches of many other models with a lying function, offer a large and above all level sleeping area. The bench is folded down so that the flat back serves as a sleeping area instead of the relatively uneven seating area.


Reimo sleeping bench T5, T6 and others - with three-point belts and Isofix

The REIMO Variotech bench seats are equipped with three-point belts on all seats and thus offer maximum safety. These folding sleeping benches are also equipped with the Isofix system for attaching child seats. In order to meet the applicable safety standard, all Variotech benches are TÜV-tested and approved by the respective vehicle manufacturer.


Simply retrofit the T5 sleeping bench - also for other vans and panel vans

If you want to have your T5, T6 or another van / van fitted with a sleeping bench, you've come to the right place. Please note that Variotech bench seats can only be installed by certified installation partners. Reimo Australia offers seat installation in our workshop in Moss vale. We would be happy to make you an offer including installation for your camper.


Universal seat with seat belts for panel vans and motorhomes

Of course, we also offer universal benches for vans and motorhomes . These benches also have seat belts , have been tested in tensile tests and, in most cases, have a mobile home homologation. The assembly in the panel van or in the motorhome must be approved by the TÜV. Therefore, it should be clarified in advance how the TÜV requires installation in the vehicle. Then nothing stands in the way of assembly.