VW T5, T6 Camping expansion - Buy kit

Here kit for your VW T5 Camping expansion buy! At Reimo Australia you can expect a huge range of expansion modules, furniture kits and materials to expand yourself.

Make VW T5 Camping expansion yourself

Do you want to do your VW T5 Camping expansion yourself ? This is child's play with the kits and camping expansion modules from Reimo Australia. You can order all parts online and install most of them yourself. In the range you will find selected quality materials for self-construction. Reimo has been expanding VW buses for over 40 years - you too can benefit from the many years of experience in VW T5 camping expansion.

Would you rather completely remove it yourself? If you prefer to completely remove your camper yourself, you will find all suitable and proven removal materials in the category RV self-assembly material . Everything is included, from insulation material to furniture panels, to edging and curtains!

VW T5 Camping expansion kit

A camping expansion kit greatly simplifies the expansion of your VW T5. You get all the necessary extension parts and screws in one kit. The construction of the components has been optimized for years. As a result, they are particularly well adapted to the needs. Benefit from flexibly removable kitchen parts: Either cook in the camper or in good weather outside with the kitchen part removed. The kits are partly available with an integrated sink and glass cover. They often have 2 x 12 liter fresh and waste water tanks with associated technology as well as a foldable surface on which a gas cartridge cooker can be optimally placed.

What does a camper van upgrade cost?

When asked what a camper van upgrade costs, it can be said that many components play a role. There are large price differences depending on which materials are used and which functions should be taken into account. 


At Reimo you will find lots of different expansion variations at different costs. These include inexpensive with basic functions and high-quality comfort variants. Browse the range online or get advice from our experts on site or by phone from our competent advisors.