Reimo VW T3 Camping expansion Bulli

VW T3 - Bulli expansion to a camper

The VW T3 Bulli expansion to a camper - REIMO has been building furniture kits for retrofitting in the VW Bulli for 40 years. Even today, REIMO does not only offer a kit for the VW T3 to convert it from a Bulli to a camper. The VW T3, built from 1979 to 1992, offers plenty of space in the interior with compact exterior dimensions with its rear engine and short snout. Therefore, the VW T3 is still an ideal basis for self-expansion to a camper.

The VW Bulli conversion to a camper

The VW T3 Bulli is ideal for expanding as a camper and has been enjoying great popularity for some time now. It is the classic among vehicles that are suitable for upgrading to a camper. Many old VW Bullis are lovingly restored to convert them into camper vans. The camping expansion kits from REIMO play a major role here.

There are three kits for the VW T3 to choose from

There are three kits available for the VW T3 camper van . The kits for the camper conversion are prefabricated, completely sawn out and grooved and can also be assembled by the less experienced craftsman. In addition to the FLORIDA kit, which can be put together individually, REIMO also offers two complete extensions. On the one hand the SPEEDY kit made of poplar wood with coating and on the other hand the JOLLY kit for nature lovers made of uncoated poplar wood.

Buy VW T3 Reimo JOLLY kit cheap

You can buy the Reimo kit VW T3 JOLLY at a low price in Moss Vale and turn your VW bus into a cozy camper. At Reimo Australia in Moss Vale you can get other accessories for the Bulli in addition to the kits for the VW T3.