Heating, refrigerators, cool boxes, air conditioners

What is better? Fridge or cool box?

This question often arises. The advantages of a refrigerator are that you have a good overview of the content and that it is available in many sizes and designs. The advantages of the cool box are that the cold stays better in the box and it exists in small dimensions. You have to decide what you tend, we offer both. As a compressor version with excellent cooling capacities above 12 volts or as an absorber with additional gas operation.

Air conditioning for roof or storage box

Air conditioning in a caravan or motorhome is a fine thing. Finally no more sleeping at 35 ° C or more. Air conditioning systems on the roof are easy to implement. Most models fit into the mounting hole in a removed roof hood. After connecting to the power grid, they are then ready for operation. Storage box air conditioning systems are more complex to install, but they also offer advantages. The focus in the vehicle is low and the cold air distribution via a pipe system is flexible and efficient.

Heating in a mobile home, caravan or camper

You can heat a vehicle with gas or with fuel. Fuel heaters , such as a diesel heater , are installed on vehicles that do not have a gas system. These are often recreational vehicles, small campers or mini campers. The fuel heater takes the fuel from the vehicle tank and can be installed both in the vehicle and below. Gas heaters give off an even, pleasant warmth and are quiet. There are small designs for camper vans up to large, powerful models with integrated water heating. Such combination devices are installed in many Resiemobiles.

For water heating , there are also individual boiler and hot springs with gas or electric operation.