Camping dishes / camping pot / camping kitchen / mobile household

Plates, cups, cutlery and glasses

The day begins with a delicious breakfast and a well-laid table. We offer camping dishes and camping glasses made of unbreakable material with attractive decors. They are practical, light, easy to clean and beautify the camping table.

Pots, pans and other kitchen utensils

Pot sets and pans are designed so that they can be stowed away to save space, are not too heavy and are suitable for cooking on gas. Kitchen accessories for camping are usually a bit smaller and lighter than conventional kitchen aids.

Cans, containers, sieves and kettles made of silicone

Many products for the camping kitchen are made of silicone. The flexible material often lets the kitchen utensils fold even smaller. There are kettles, bowls, draining racks, storage jars, coffee filter holders and much more made of silicone.

Electrical devices for mobile travel

In the caravan or mobile home, electrical devices can also be connected to the on-board battery. Here you don't have to do without the comfort of home. We offer coffee machines, kettles, vacuum cleaners and extractor hoods for operation with 12 volts.