Gas cookers and stoves, gas supply, pressure regulator, gas hose, gas installation

Gas hobs, gas cooker with sink and gas stoves

Cooking in a motorhome, caravan or camping bus is becoming more and more convenient. Gas cookers with 2 or 3 flames, with glass cover up to the ceramic gas cooker are possible. This is how elaborate menus succeed. For larger motorhomes or caravans, gas ovens and cookers can also be used. For smaller camper vans or mini campers there are gas stoves that have been combined with the sink to form a small stove-sink combination . These save space for confined installation situations.

The gas system is often the centerpiece of a camper or caravan

A mobile home or caravan without a gas system is usually unthinkable. The gas system supplies the gas appliances such as stoves, heating, water heaters, etc. with the necessary fuel. For this purpose, gas pipes are installed in the vehicle, a gas box is required and a gas regulator reduces the cylinder pressure to mostly 30 mbar . All parts for the construction of a gas system are available from us. Also for repairs or as a spare part.

Gas bottles, level indicators and other gas accessories

We offer gas bottles from Campingaz, pressure regulators for grills and outdoor coolers, gas hoses up to 300 cm in length and gas sockets. We are Truma service partners and carry the entire GOK gas range.

Level indicators for gas bottles are available for permanent assembly, as handheld devices, but also as sensors with app.