Motorhome technology / glue / doors + flaps / locks / towbar / steps

Motorhome technology for body and chassis

We offer towbars and motorcycle rear racks for various motorhomes and campers. We also have air suspensions, level control and jacks in our range. Certainly, the assembly of these components is also possible by the layperson, but we have found that you quickly reach your limits. That is why we also offer our workshop service in Moss Vale for these products.

Parts for retrofitting, as a spare part or for DIY builders

Electric steps, add-on doors or case flaps are suitable for retrofitting and self-construction. Here we offer a wide range of different manufacturers.

Gluing, sealing. Repair

Adhesives and sealing compounds from Sika and Dekalin are used extensively in motorhome construction.

We have the right sealant or adhesive for almost every application. Adhesive tapes and protective coatings are also included.

Must-have for motorhomes

No motorhome wedges that guarantee a straight stand should be missing in any motorhome.

To protect against unwanted insects, a fleece curtain for the door or better a mosquito net door is part of the important equipment.