Water, sanitary, camping toilet for mobile homes etc.

Outdoor showers and outdoor containers for many areas of application

Showers on the go, on the beach, in a mini camper or in the garden are all the rage. Whether as a 12 V version, as a battery shower or shower with foot pump , they are suitable for the garden, for the dog or while surfing. In addition to the showers, there are folding buckets, folding canisters, roll tanks, hoses and much more.

Fresh water supply in the mobile home, camper or caravan

We have put together a wide range for the construction of fresh water systems. You will also find the right parts for repairs, extensions and changes to the fresh water supply . We offer water tanks, water canisters, water pumps, hoses, connectors and taps and fittings.

Waste water disposal in a mobile home, camper or caravan

Where to put the used fresh water? Just letting it run is not an option. The installation of a waste water tank or canister should always be possible. We also offer tanks, canisters, drains, hoses and drain cocks for this. To protect the environment, please ensure correct wastewater disposal .

A bath in the motorhome or a portable toilet?

There are different possibilities. From the Porta Potti to the cassette toilet, entire sanitary walls and wash basins for bathroom fittings, there is what your heart desires. The portable toilet for the van or camper or the complete sanitary equipment for the motor home or caravan.

Chemistry, cleaning and disinfection

To clean the water system and to protect your health , we offer means for disinfection, cleaning, descaling and preservation. The fresh water system should be cleaned at least once a year.

To use the chemical toilets, you need WC chemicals for decomposition and neutralization. A wide range of products are available. Whether liquid, as a concentrate or as a tab.