Solar systems, solar panels, solar batteries for mobile homes

Complete solar sets for every vehicle size

We have put together various complete solar sets for you. These systems include all parts that are required for assembly. Only glue has to be ordered separately. The systems are available with laminate modules in a flat design for mounting on curved surfaces or on folding sleeping roofs so as not to increase the vehicle height . there are also complete sets with frame modules . These are suitable for conventional assembly on motorhomes and caravans.

Individual modules and solar controllers

Of course, you can also get the different solar modules individually. These are suitable for expanding an existing solar system or for building an individual system. You can also get charge controllers , solar panel brackets , roof ducts and solar cables for individual assembly.

Solar batteries for optimal operation

The right battery also pays for the effective operation of a solar system. This should be designed to store charges of low current well over a long period of time. AGM batteries or lithium batteries are well suited for this .