Shipping and Payment

Please read carefully.

A shipping cost will be calculated at checkout, and added to the cost of the items purchased. This cost will be dsiplayed prior to your commitment to purchase.

The shipping cost displayed on this website is for the local shipping costs within Australia.  This is for items that are in stock locally within Australia.  We designate an item as Immediately available, which means it is in stock in our Australian warehouse.  The calculated shipping cost is the charge for shipping from our Australian warehouse to your location in Australia.

If the item is not available in Australia, and is in stock in our central warehouse, Germany, then there are two options available to receive your items.

1. Your item is placed in the next sea freight shipment from Germany. This will have a large lead time, but no extra cost. Once the sea freight arrives, then we send out your item and the shipping charge covers this freight from our warehouse to your location.

2. You can have your items air freighted to Australia at an extra cost. This will provide you with a faster service, but will incur an additional air freight cost from Germany to Australia. we would need to obtain this cost for you, as there are various options available.

You can choose to pay either via a direct bank transfers into the Reimo Australia account, which is fee free,

Or you can use paypal to pay for your items, although this incurs a 3.5% fee.