Different awning models for mobile homes, caravans or camper vans

In mobile homes, wall awnings are usually mounted on the side wall of the vehicle. In the case of caravans, there can be roof awnings. In both cases, different adapters are available for common vehicles. These camping awnings hardly differ in function from awnings for patios or balconies.

The classic caravan awning is the bag awning, which is drawn into the welt rail and can remain there even while driving.

Camping buses and vans have a large number of special awnings. We offer complete sets, such as the Thule 4900 specially manufactured by us, for vans, such as the Fiat Ducato, or for camper vans with special adapters for VW-T5, VW-T6, VW-Multivan and California.

Create more living space with awning awnings

There are many ways to extend the awning. As accessories we offer blockers against sun and rain, side parts as wind protection and complete awning tents. Expand the living space and provide even more comfort with the awning awnings from Fiamma and Thule.